NHC3/BCBC1 Contest: Summary

On Saturday, July 24, 2010, the Pegasus ARV Group, a subset of PRECOG10 Horse Racing ARV, participated in 2 handicapping contests:
National Handicapping Championship NHC3, the 3rd of the NHC Tour: Free Online Challenge contests, and
BCBC1, the first Breeder’s Cup Betting Challenge (BCBC) contest.

We previously participated in the first two NHC contests.
We have 3 logins for this: two group logins, assigned to Tom and Marty as administrators, in addition to TW Fendley’s own login.
Nine different viewers ARVed and judged for the 10 NHC races for the group logins, while TW did her own viewings for hers.
The purpose of this contest is to qualify for the NHC finals in Las Vegas in January, and to earn NHC Tour Points towards the annual championship.
Tom has already qualified for the finals, so is in it for the Tour Points.
The top 3 finishers qualify for the finals; the top 30 get Tour Points.
There were 860 entrants in this contest.

The BCBC is a brand new contest. Yesterday was Round 1 of a two round qualifying process, for the BCBC finals in Louisville in November.
We have two group logins for this, one managed by Marty and one by Tom.
Yesterday our intent was to finish in the top 30 of the 300 entrants, so as to move on to Round 2 on Aug. 21.
Ten different viewers ARVed and judged for the 10 BCBC races.

Six of the races were common to both contests, so there were 14 races total.
This is why we decided to do both contests, since we’d only have 4 new races for the 2nd one.
We formed a new group to do BCBC1, paying $20 each to cover the $200 entry fees for the 2 group logins.
(Fees were paid in February for the 5 NHC contests.)


In the NHC, Tom’s group login finished 4th of 860, Marty’s 44th, and TW Fendley’s own login 26th.
Pretty good for just using ARV and no logical handicapping eh? 😉

In the BCBC, Marty’s and Tom’s group logins finished 173rd and 227the out of 300 respectively.

Our positions would have improved considerably if a couple of things had gone our way, which I will explain in the detailed posts to follow.
But anyway we did have tremendous success!

We hit several longshots, including a huge one in the final NHC race, and longshots is what you have to have to win these tyoes of contests.
So we are definitely headed in the right direction for MAJOR successes!

Next I will post on my preparation for the contests, then split into 3 posts the details of the ARVing, judging and making selections for the 14 contest races.

Our logins are TOMATH2O (Tom),  StarGirl (TW Fendley) and MARTYROSENBLATT (Marty) in the leaderboard below.

Top 3 qualify for the finals (Tom was already qualified); top 30 get NHC Tour Points.