T.W.’s Time-Machine winning transcripts

Below are some of T.W. Fendley’s winning transcripts from Greg Kolodziejzyk’s ongoing Time-Machine project, which combines artificial intelligence with his time-tested method to make intuitive predictions about future events. Viewers submit “descriptors” from 10 Associative Remote Viewing sessions for each day’s prediction; the sessions are independently judged by AI.

Through May 2024, the group collectively completed 40,000 trials, which have been 51% correct in predicting their respective future outcomes (where 50% would be expected by chance) resulting in a statistically significant 2.523 standard deviations from chance expectation. This translates to odds against chance of approximately 1 in 160. This means that such an outcome is highly unlikely to occur by random chance, indicating that the predictions are not simply random.
51% might not seem like much, but we can leverage this small effect size with consensus, confidence filtering, and even some external environmental factors to amplify the signal and achieve win rates closer to 60%. (excerpt from Greg K’s website)

Time-Machine Showcase (see other viewers’ winning transcripts here!)

T.W.’s sessions – Click images below to enlarge.