Verve Group predicts runs in 6/22 MLB game

The Verve ARV Group correctly predicted a score of “Under 8 runs” in the 6/22/2013 MLB game between Milwaukee and Atlanta. Learn about Group 1ARV at:

Here’s what the independent judge, Pat McDonald, said: “The target is probably the most difficult one I’ve ever set. It’s a mechanical sculpture, operated purely by turning a wheel. On another level, it’s a corkscrew – but it actually pours the wine out too. Here’s a video of the thing in action:

…I didn’t actually notice Sonny had done a sketch… of a hook, a cork, and a bottle… That data wasn’t included in the analysis….Loraine did a gutsy job of rendering a mechanism in action. Her 712044 was the high-match sketch I did notice.

And finally Russ, you depicted all the muscle groups used in operating the machine (it’s human operated and hand-built… completely unlike the other target, which was pure Computer Numeric Controlled, no human hand involved  in machining it or using the other target). Oh, and Bordeaux is usually pretty sharp tasting, as wines go.

So, lots of good data all around for this from everyone who did a session. As per ‘normal.’ Now all give yourselves a good pat on the back. :)”


  1. The middle sketch is particularly good as the machine is totally hand built and hand operated. The alternate picture was entirely CNC machine made and not muscle operated. Oh, and Loraine (Left most sketch) is a gutsy attempt at sketching a hideously complex mechanism. Well done all!

  2. The far right sketch is only the 2nd time Sonny has sketched for me, in over 4 years of me setting occasional tasks. From left to right, hook, cork, bottle, bottle with no cork, change level… He really doesn’t like his own sketches! I must admit, I think my sketches suck too, but other people like them. 🙂

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