Anything APP webinar explores WE judging, stats

Links to 4/10 Anything APP webinar on Analysis/Judging and FeedBack…at the core of precognitive ARV.

Marty Rosenblatt, Group Manager of four WE groups, is a great advocate of using data as part of learning about and improving precognitive capabilities. Many WE group members have done enough predictions that the Cumulative Hit Rate is simply not sensitive enough to provide guidance.  So Marty has introduced a 10 TradeDay and 25 TradeDay moving average.  These capture the last, guess what, 10 and 25 Trade Days (skipping Pass days).

Here is an example, as discussed in the webinar.


Below is info on self-judging with WE (Winning Entanglements), as discussed at the webinar.

Judge records

CR1_series CR2-series

CR3-series CR4-series