Applied Precognition Project: ARVers share hits

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In January, Laila S. shared these two hits on the APP Discussion list:

TARGET 145523: “I scored it a 5 and the other photo site was a 3 because of the great precepts I received for it.  Because I am in three different groups, this hit makes 5 in a row, the second time I’ve had such a run. Although I’m crafty and talented with my hands in so many other ways, I don’t enjoy drawing and never have.  Hence, I force my Self to draw ideograms, so they may appear to be rather rudimentary.  It’s a little frustration of mine that I just work through because I otherwise love doing ARV.”

TARGET 445968: “I still consider myself a newbie, having started ARVing last May.  I’m sharing this because I received more written precepts for the photo site I didn’t choose and went with my gut feeling on this session.  My ideograms show the shape of the racket handle, her hair pulled back (fish shape), the ball and her wisps of hair sticking up on her forehead.  Although the background in photo site A was magenta colored, I received the precepts of blue and baby blue, both of which showed up in my target photo site B and that weighted heavily for me.


TARGET 646875: Posted to the APP Discussion list by Mou M.