Beating the odds with ARV

This weekend I had the chance to help Marty Rosenblatt and Tom Atwater  with our Pegasus group’s participation in the second online tournament of the National Handicapping Championship (NHC) Tour.  Tom used a combination of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) and logical handicapping to manage one of our group’s two slots. Marty and I managed the other one using solely ARV – and ended the tournament ranked 36th out of 822 players!

ARV picks by Loraine Connon and Sheila scored our two wins in the 10-race tournament. Our goal is to earn a seat in the January 2011 NHC tournament in Vegas, which means finishing in the top three at one of the online tournaments.  If we finish in the top 30, we get to keep points toward the overall contest score.  We didn’t make that, either, but we were very close!

After reviewing the transcripts and verifying the judging, Marty and I stayed with the selection made by the person who was assigned to the race, with one exception.  In the ninth race, I ceded my selection with its 3.5 confidence ranking (CR) to one of Marty’s webinar participants, Steve, who had a CR of 6.  Of the three races he judged during the Derby Day webinar, it was the only miss – and my horse didn’t win, either.

Our group’s  two wins also gained points for Marty in the Public Handicapper contest, which culminates some 56 races from now.  Those points can add to our NHC Tour points IF the Pegasus group sends Marty to Vegas.

Two tournaments down, and three to go!

p.s.  a couple of things I learned after my post — the two winning ARVs on the Kentucky Derby were by folks with relatively little ARV experience.  According to Marty, Sheila has little formal training but lots of natural ability and Steve was one of his webinar participants.  Steve had some previous experience but was new to the PRECOG10 database .  The Pegasus groups owes a great deal of thanks to Danila, who’s done great work in building new photosites, including the 20-choice photoset we used for the Derby!

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  1. Marty is currently ranked 20th of about 3000 people participating in the PH contest – excellent!

    NHC Tour Points for that contest are earned by the top 30 overall finishers at the end of the contest in November.

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