Birthday fun: ARV hits in 3 of 8 races!!

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Today was my birthday and it also happened to be race day at nearby Fairmount Park, so John and I took advantage of the beautiful summer afternoon and headed across the river to Illinois.

I started the day doing “lightning rounds” of Associative Remote Viewing on the eight races using Marty Rosenblatt’s PRECOG10 for “My Events.” This worked out perfectly since all the races had fewer than 10 horses. My intention was to pick the horse with the highest win/place/show winnings in each race.

I refer to my sessions as “lightning rounds” because the viewings averaged around six minutes–the longest was 10 and the shortest was four minutes. I did them in two sessions–the odd-numbered races from 5:40 to 6:23 a.m. and the even-numbered races from 9:43 to 10:15 a.m.

The results? My top CRs (confidence rankings) returned two first-place winners and one second-place winner that had the highest winnings ($6.20 paid to the Place horse vs. $5.20 to the Winning horse). Two of my other top CRs returned a Place and a Show win. In one of those races, the winner was my second-highest CR (a judging issue).

I’d like to say I came away with a lot of money, but betting is an entirely different skill. (Sigh.) I bet using a combination of ARV and straight intuition like I’ve been using with some success in online fantasy contests. I won’t be trying that again. Nonetheless, it was fun, and I did come up with one winner and a couple of other horses that finished in the money using straight intuition.

While these ARV transcripts don’t show my best connections with targets, they served the intended purpose of picking winners. Gotta love it!