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This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and ESP topics from some of the key people within Remote Viewing and is packed with 68 pages.It contains the following:

• Moving Sideways in Time – Lyn Buchanan
• WWC Group sets the pace in Associative Remote Viewing – T.W.Fendley
• 18 Years of Excitement: CRV Stories from a Professional Remote Viewer – Lori Williams
• An interview with Angela Ford – A Project Star Gate Remote Viewer – Daz Smith & Angela Ford
• Archetypes, Atoms & Alchemy Remote Viewing in a (Quantum) Nutshell – Dr. David Shaver
• CIA Sponsored American Institutes of Research (AIR) Remote Viewing Report in 2016: The View From Under The Bus – by Teresa Frisch
• Remote Viewing Example: Rock Hewn Churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia – Hitomi Akamatsu