Fun personal hit to start 2015!

NOTE: While the Lively group result was a PUSH, it was fun to start the year with a good match between my transcript and the feedback photo: cylindrical, vertical, tall, white, concrete, green, structure 

Over/Under prediction for the NHL hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks.
Event start time: 7:05 PM PST Thursday January 1st, 2015
Line: 5
Betting based on the total score of both teams combined.

Prediction is: Over 5

Result: push/pass/tie scenario.

The line was 5 and the outcome was a total of 5 goals scored.

Lively’s record to date is 7 hits, 2 misses, and 2 pass/pushes

A table with how each viewer’s scores compiled is below.

A note on scoring: a University of Colorado ARV study method of judging is employed and works simply by stacking viewers transcripts next to the photosite each “appears” most like. A 1-3 rating scale (1 being lowest, 3 being highest) is used to judge the level of correlation – though the correlation ranking doesn’t have official merit on group prediction. Group prediction is simply determined by where a majority of photos “stack”, period.

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