HT contest: Tom ARVs 3 winners to rank 15th

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Using Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), Tom Atwater picked three winners to finish 15th of 131 players in Saturday’s Horse Tourneys online contest. With $48.20 in contest points, he lagged $1.80 behind those who qualified for the next round in February. Additionally, in a group entry, Tom, T.W. “Stargirl” Fendley and Loraine Connon finished in the top third, ranked 43rd with contest points of $29.20.

Tom started the day with 5-1 winner Lil Deb in Race A, which was also the group’s pick.

A last-minute switch gained Tom a win in Race E. When he checked the photoset again just before post time, Tom noticed a barrel in the background that matched a cylindrical sketch, which he AOLed as a “55-gallon drum.” He switched his pick to Howe Great (odds 9-2), which won the race easily wire-wire.

In Race H, Tom picked the 2-1 favorite Absinthe Minded. Loraine also ARVed the place horse, Tiz Miz Sue, for the group

In Race J, Stargirl’s ARV choice Colors of the Glen, #7, went off at almost 10-1 and rallied to finish second. Something unique also happened – the winner’s win + place total ($4.40+$3) of $7.40 was EXACTLY equal to the place horse’s price $7.40. So this race actually had two contest-winning horses – #7 (outcome G) and the favorite #6 (outcome F). We declared outcome G as the winning contest outcome for this race in the stats since the intent was to view the horse with the highest win/place payoff.