Longshot lands Tom in Top 5% in NHC Tour contest

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Tom Atwater ranked 84th of 1,638 entrants, to finish in the top 5% in Saturday’s free NHC Tour Online Challenge. Using Associative Remote Viewing, Tom picked the longshot winner in the first race, earning  $63.20. The group login, with Loraine Connon’s ARV selection of  the winner in Race F and place horse in Race D, finished in 1052nd place with earnings of $14.

It was a very good day overall – Loraine hit 1 of 3, Tom hit 1 of 10 and T.W. “Stargirl” Fendley was 0-for-1 (after two races canceled due to weather).  At 2-for-14 total, the results were close to random, but the ROI was excellent – +1.6 – meaning a 160 percent increase in a flat-bet bankroll!

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  1. The main reason I chose this photosite as a match to my transcript was because of my AOL of the roof beams at a mall – that was a direct hit on the criss-crossed skylight at the top of the structure. The car grille also sort of matched the statues at center.
    Now if only I had backed up my great ARV work with cash money…… ah well, there’ll be plenty of future opportunities 😉

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