Mark White’s ARV Creator available on Windows

Following is provided by Jon Knowles:

Remote viewer Mark White is making his ARV Creator software available to the Remote Viewing community. The ARV Creator itself is a scripted Excel file which Mark has put many years into developing and refining. The ARV Creator and accompanying target set is very user-friendly.

The ARV Creator enables you to quickly and easily generate an ARV project. It automatically generates Target Reference Numbers (TRN’s), randomly selects two photographs by category from the very large photo set, and creates a project with the click of a button. The ARV Creator is customizable and can be used solo or by a team of viewers. It is currently available for Windows machines only. Versions for the lottery, Forex, etc. are in the wings.

I am helping distribute the ARV Creator. In order to receive the ARV Creator, we are asking that a donation of $35 be made to the Applied Precognition Project (headed by Marty Rosenblatt, Tom Atwater and Chris Georges). The APP is the largest group effort implementing ARV protocols and building a database of results. Interim results have been posted on public forums from time to time. Neither Mark nor I will receive any monies from this project.
For information on how to donate to APP and receive the ARV Creator and accompanying target set, email me at:
View a PDF on how ARV Creator works at: