Mel Riley: RV sessions described secret bomber

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When Mel Riley began work as one of the Army’s early remote viewers in Project Sun Streak (later Project Stargate), no one gave him feedback on his “hits.”  It wasn’t until this month — 23 years later — that he saw recently declassified documents of a viewing where he described a prototype plane, which was then only known to those with proper security clearance.  We now know it as the Stealth bomber.  Mel discussed his transcripts at a webinar co-hosted Sept. 11 by Marty Rosenblatt. 

Following are the declassified documents and Mel’s controlled remote viewing (CRV) transcripts:  

RV session 1

RV session 2

RV session 3

RV session 4

NOTE: The Source Tasking was the only information the Monitor provided Mel in each session.