NHC3/BCBC1 Contest: NHC Race 1

(I decided the posts were too long if I combined races.)

Before I start, one thing I forgot to mention – for this contest, I did not use logical handicapping analysis at all.
I had intended to do this, and handicapped about 8 races before the race entries were announced.
But only 2 of them turned out to be in the contest, so I would have had to handicap another 12 in the 2 days before the contest – and I simply did not have the time, as I was managing, coordinating and judging for 2 contests. (It takes me 30-45 minutes per race to do logical analysis.)
So I did not use logical analysis at all, not even in the 2 races I had handicapped already (I forgot about them 😉

Also, a note about judging: all viewers except 2 self-judged their own sessions; in addition, Marty and myself did find the time to judge all 14 sessions ourselves.
All used the Targ CR scale to rate a photosite on the scale 0-7.

NHC Race 1

Woodbine Race 5
(This race was not part of the BCBC contest.)

Debra Lynne Katz viewed, and self-judged a horse that was later scratched; she had 4 horses tied for 2nd with Targ CR 3, which is not considered enough to make a confident prediction (3.5 is the minimum for that). Horses #1 and #5 were two of the four.
Tom and Marty both judged the photosite associated with #1 Dubai Calling to be the best match; Tom gave it a 5.

#1 was the favorite; you don’t usually want to bet favorites in these contests, instead looking for a good match that corresponds to a high odds horse.
But this being the first race, we both decided it felt best to go along with our top Targ CR, and start off with a winner.

And we did!
#1 won the race easily (under Jockeys reality TV show star Chantal Sutherland ;-).
#5 Daring Delilah rallied to finish 2nd at 15-1 – and TW Fendley cashed for this, because her own ARV session and judging had this horse on top!

So all of our logins got points for this first race.
In this case the place horse did pay more to place than the winning favorite did to win and place total ($11.30 vs. $9.10), so the ARV Winning Outcome was the one associated with #5 Daring Delilah.

But since we did get points for #1 winning also, I am posting both photosites here, along with the sketches.

At this point, TW Fendley was in first place in the NHC contest, tied with others.

TW Fendley’s Winning Transcript

[to be supplied]

Contest Winning Photosite #5 Daring Delilah

Debra’s Transcript

[Sketch not available.]

Drew ideograms with loops at a slant – biological (more then one person) and also motion

Lots going on. People crowded into smaller space.


One person getting in front of the others and one saying, “Hey what’s the big idea”

Person is holding something in hand (note: I should have spent more time on what was in hand before I judged, my mistake!)

All I knew was the person had his attention on what was in his hand, like it’s important to what is going on.

I drew a circle thing that looked like a piece of fruit with a stem but knew it wasn’t that and also drew an eye with a pupil in it.

I have the sense there is motion there, dappled light, more then one person

Sense of one thing impacting another with motion.

Words pointy, star,, blue, dark and light, rocking, wave, lots going on.

my people were stick figures (although I felt like one person was wearing a scarf around neck) and holding up something
Only had two other little drawings, one was a circle with a line like a cherry shape, the other looked like an eye, those were both AOL’s

Photosite Associated with Race Winner #1 Dubai Calling