NHC3/BCBC1 Contest: NHC Race 4

Woodbine Race 8 – Nijinsky Stakes

This race was only in the NHC contest.

This one was a BIG WIN for us – viewer Loraine Connon self-judged the juicy 7-1 winner #4 Windward Islands’ photosite on top (Targ CR 4.5), and Tom agreed (5) in his judging – a big $22.00 to add to the contest points!

Tom’s NHC ticket now stood at $31.10 after 4 races, an excellent total considering the biggest total in the other 3 races was $15.60.

We did have a glitch with Marty’s ticket on this race.
He had judged a different photosite best, that of #1, Targ CR of 5, with #4 rated a close 2nd at 4.5.
His pick #1 turned out to be a late scratch, and we weren’t paying attention to late scratches, because it wasn’t yet close to post time. But the deadline for NHC picks was one minute before the published (approximate) post time, and the actual post time had been pushed back. We realized this at just one minute before the NHC deadline – unfortunately, when Marty tried to change his pick, it was too late.
Marty then was stuck with the post-time favorite #2, who ended up running 2nd at $2.90.

Still, Marty’s NHC ticket was at $23.10.
TW Fendley’s pick ran out; her ticket was now at $14.40.
We were all in the hunt for the NHC at this point.

Marty’s BCBC ticket stood at $11.10, while Tom’s had 0.
So the BCBC was already looking tough.

But we did get a big WINNER!!!!

Contest Winning Photosite and Race Winner #4 Windward Islands
Loraine's Winning Transcript