NHCQ – Races 6-7 – Manifestation

It’s time to move quickly through this, so I will combine races 6-7 here, the rest of the races in the next post, then summarize in a final post.

Race 6 – 4th Race Santa Anita

I had 2 logical “A” contenders here; #4 Fluke had the top Targ CR of 4.5, while #2 Compari had Targ CR of 1.
So my no-brainer pick was #4.

In the race #2 won wire-wire, with #4 rallying but falling short a half-length to finish 2nd.
They were 2 of the favorites, so didn’t pay much, I got $3.60 for Place.
I held on to third place, with the contest now half over.

I was $12.30 ahead of the 9th place contestant, where the top 8 qualify for the NHC in January.
I figured I needed one more longshot (around 10-1) to guarantee myself a spot.
This depends on whether there even would be such a longshot in the last 6 races, of course.
If not, I am already sitting pretty, since it is harder for those behind to catch up if only short priced horses win.

Race 7 – 5th Race Santa Anita

My two “A” logical contenders both got Targ CR of 2.5, were low odds, and I had a good feeling about neither.
So I looked elsewhere.

The top ARV choice (5 Targ CR) #4 Highly Favoured I rated as a “B”; the next highest Targ CRs, 3 horses with 3.5, were two “X”s and a “C”, so the choice was clear – #4.

Now #4 was a first time starter, so was giving experience to many of these horses; but the clocker report said he was “determined”, and finished well, and that felt really good!
So he was my pick.

In the race #4 started slowly, then rushed up to duel for the lead, got the front in the stretch, then held on to WIN by 3/4 length, with me ECSTATICALLY CELEBRATING THIS 9-1 WINNER!!!!!!
It was worth a big $32.00 in the contest!


ARV Feedback

The match to the middle sketch (“baby doll”) is clear – this was a GREAT HIT!!!!!

At this point, I had 4 top ARV winners out of 7 races – that is the best stretch I have had ARVing in years!
And two of them were longshots besides!

Oh, and I also had a nice win bet on him too, it was great to CASH!!!!!