Results of Feb. 27 DLTC Races: Borderland


5 Storming Saint 5.60 3.60 3.20
9 Raise the Bridle   10.20 6.80
3 Amen Baby     6.60

Winning Outcome: E

CONGRATS to LORAINE and JOANIE for ARVing the 2nd place finisher, who crossed the wire first!

Yes, believe or not, we had another disqualification…. though this one had some less satisfying results than the Battaglia 😉

Debra, Joanie, Loraine and myself had all rated the winning photosite 3.5 or higher (Loraine made it a 5!), enough to make it an ARV prediction. However, ALL of us had ranked another photosite even higher!

In both Joanie and Loraine’s cases, that higher ranked site was none other than the horse who crossed the wire first – and was 15-1!!!!

So the decision to disqualify him was not a popular one from our point of view….

BUT we did get some DLTC contest points for finishing 2nd, plus we ONCE AGAIN have ARVed a LONGSHOT that came VERY close to winning the race!!!!

SO we are doing REALLY WELL, in my sincere opinion – THIS STUFF IS WORKING!!!!!

RAISE THE BRIDLE was taken in hand as he tried to pull to the lead going to the first turn, shared the front just outside AMEN BABY on the backstretch, was let out two wide on the second bend, had the advantage between horses leaving that turn, drifted out some under a left whip at the head of the lane, bumped hard with STORMING SAINT, continued to gradually drift, though under a hand ride, jostled with the latter most of the rest of his trip and narrowly held sway. STORMING SAINT gradually advanced between horses, was three wide leaving the second turn, bumped hard with RAISE THE BRIDLE just inside the three-sixteenths marker, jostled and gradually forced out most of the rest of the way to the wire, could not get past RAISE THE BRIDLE but was easily second best.

There was a stewards’ inquiry into the bumping through the stretch and an objection lodged by the rider of STORMING SAINT claiming interference from RAISE THE BRIDLE in the lane. After their review, the stewards disqualified RAISE THE BRIDLE and placed him second for his interference to STORMING SAINT.

It is interesting to note that many ARVers reported difficulty viewing and especially judging today’s races.

And look what happened – one race was canceled, the other two were so roughly run they resulted in the winners being disqualified!

Imagine that 😉