Russ picks Derby winner! Having fun with precog

Using precognitive ability to make predictions for events like the Kentucky Derby can be a lot of fun. I’ll post the results of Saturday’s webinar (and win) on the Saddlecloth even/odd bet, but some of us also viewed for the winning horse.

And Russ won! He used a dowsing technique. “I use my pen scribble like a kid across data for impressions,” he explained. His intention was to “view at winner’s circle after Derby. Select that horse by color, name.”

From that, here’s what he deduced:

Date: Friday, May 3, 2013, 5:59 PM

OK Then Orb, Goldencents and Verrazano

Russ did three runs.

Thought I put Orb on top again, too much rehashing – Had Orb with no interference within a minute of original (mail sent) out the gate questing – then goofed about another 40 minutes debating more about other runners’ placements!

Date: Friday, May 3, 2013, 7:56 PM

After 20 more questions to sub it’s1                    2                 3

War                Verrazano    War

Verrazano        War            Orb

Orb                 Orb             Verrazano

Goldencents – Is the horses color blue then pink, or blue and pink ?

I May have onset.

He first tried the dowsing system more than a year ago, watching HorseRacing TV to test himself. “Once I got first or second eight races in a row–then a rainy track came up. My streak ended. I contributed my fail to change in track conditions distracting my sub in that race…” After Saturday’s results, he said, “I finally conquered the rainy wet track.”

Those of us who used the Associative Remote Viewing protocol also had some success. Loraine Connon placed an “each way” bet on Revolutionary (one of her two top confidence rankings) and had a (9/1) pay out.

Loraine's Transcript
Loraine’s Transcript
Revolutionary Photosite
Revolutionary Photosite

“I did 2 sessions viewing both before judging either. The idea was to use the 2nd session to choose between outsiders (reassigning to the first 8 photosite choices) if my 1st prediction turned out to be for the multiple outcome associated target (N), and if it did not, to use 2nd session to recheck first prediction.

Ist session:   CR 4 –     Revolutionary    (2nd highest CR – Palace Malice)

2nd session: CR 4.75 – Palace Malice  (2nd highest CR – Charming Kitten)

 So, 1st Palace Malice (partially confirmed by my sessions and Tom’s) 2nd Revolutionary, 3rd Cha”

One last reflection, based on my own viewing. While My Lute, my top CR horse, didn’t finish in the money, I was thrilled before the race to discover the jockey was Rosie Napravnik. I haven’t been following the horse races this year, so last week when I heard she was riding, I said I wanted to bet on her horse. My sub was listening!