Sub overcomes mixup for personal hit


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I don’t know how it happened–with Winning Entanglement’s automated system, I shouldn’t have gotten the wrong coordinates for Thursday’s Pegasus session. I checked–they weren’t the coordinates for the previous week, so where did they come from? Anyway, trusting my Subconscious knew this was going to happen, I carefully backtracked and replaced the “first” number I wrote down with the top coordinate from the Winning Entanglement site. This isn’t the first time I’ve substituted other coordinates after viewing — it happened more often when we used Precog10 for horse racing. Anyway, this time it worked out for a personal hit!

Event: AUD/USD Futures or Market at 9:00pm Thursday

Event Date/Time: 20141104_7:30am PT

Winning Side = Down (Side1)
Price change = -6 pips (Group Pass)

Group Prediction:
Pass (Pass)
Line or pips*: 44

Group CR Data for Side1,Side2
DownCR,UpCR, Pers: Side,CR [CRother1,2]
1, 2,       Side2,3       [3, 1]
2, 1,       Side1,3       [0, 5]
3.5, .5,       Side1,4.5       [.4, 3.5]
1.0, 1.0,       Side2,3.5       [3.5, 2.5]