T.W. finishes 45-day fantasy horseracing contest

Remington_Park_ThoroughbredOver the past few years, I’ve played in a half dozen or more fantasy horseracing contests. At first, I used Associate Remote Viewing to select my “winner” for the three races each contest day. After I joined Dave Silverstein’s group, using my pendulum for sports predictions, I decided to try something less time-consuming on these fantasy contests. For the last few, I’ve used straight intuition, basing my selection on which horse’s name sounded best to me.

For the first time, I was able to complete a contest. In Remington Park’s High Q Test, which ended June 1, I was among 1,083 players who was still “active” after 45 race days and 1,028 were eliminated and “in the barn.” My finishing bankroll of $515 was ranked 1,101st, compared to the winner’s $1,079 bankroll. If I’d been betting real money ($6 per race), I would’ve lost $313. Sigh.

Participants continued in THE TEST until such day that none of their selections finished in the top four of their respective race. Each race day, at least one of their selections had to run in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in their respective race. All eligible contestants received additional Lucky Horseshoes on April 4 and May 9, each giving them one extra day when they could have no winners without being eliminated from the contest.

Last year, I survived until Day 51 of Remington Park’s Thoroenduro challenge, when I got distracted by travel and didn’t enter my selections for two days. When the challenge ended on Dec. 15, despite missing ten race days, I still ranked in the top half – 784th of 2,480 players.