Verve 31 a hit! Predicts 199 points or less


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Following is information provided by the independent judge, Pat McDonald:

Cue: “If the total points scored at the National Basketball Association game played at Atlanta Hawks against visiting Orlando Magic on Saturday November 9th 2013 local time, does not exceed and is under the mid-point line solicited by for wagers immediately prior to the game then perceive, describe and sketch the picture Makerbot-Replicator.jpg at the time that picture was captured, which will be solely attached to feedback email sent to you on Sunday November 10th 2013 if the total points scored at that NBA game played at Atlanta Hawks on Saturday November 9th 2013 local time, is under and does not exceed the mid-point line.”

198 points scored in total, very close but another hit. Well done everyone! 🙂

  • Line at was at 199.5 points total
  • Prediction was for 199 points scored or less.
  • Computed CRs were 4.5 for the under, 6,3 for the over.

Matches noted by judge:

  • Loraine – Soft, hard, faint chimes, blue, faint light, sleek, stylish. (3D printers are noted for harmonic sounds). Fresh paint might have been present.
  • Sonny – Glass, machine, Picture in picture, triangle, window
  • Ear3 – Spreading, Blue, white, green, Letters C-A-L (underlined first of series of 3 letters).

Could have been other hits present, hard to be definitive about things like clonking noises. Maybe. These things work by whizzing bits of molten plastic down (or not) from a printed being shunted around above a surface. As the layers of molten plastic cool and the print head is gradually raised up in steps, allowing complex but fine objects to be formed. Including components for other 3D printers.

Comparing matches of sessions from 3 viewers showed less data for the Under, but better quality of matches and better sketches (no sketch matches for Over);-

Verve 31            under 193086      over 835474

ssS                                           4                          4

sSS                                           7                   3D12

SSS                                          5                       D3


Displaced (Bleedthrough)     0                         4

Sketches                                 2A                        –

Bleedthrough was higher on the Over data being present in Under sessions. Rather than Under data being present in the Over Sessions.