Verve Group 1ARVs “over” score 8/3

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 The Verve 1ARV Group correctly predicted a score of “Over” (9 runs or more), with a final score of ten runs in the 8/3/2013 MLB game between the Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros. An independent judge, gave confidence rankings of Over 6.5 and Under 4.5. Learn about Group 1ARV at:

Here’s what the judge, Pat McDonald, said:

  • Glyn;- Bulky, Manmade, sandy/reddish, grey, possibly movement or potential of movement, silvery. + a rough displaced circular sketch.
  • Loraine;- Spongy, bulbous, enfolded layers curved edged upright, green, brown/red tarnish on horizontal surfaces, swinging right angled structure moving above (cropped from the IPS, present at the photo scene), robust, man made, low rise, low key, understated/powered, inadequate. Plus a sort of ball like sketch.
  • Sonny; Roll, blurring, whiteover, separated, divisor in between. + Round, displaced.
  • Teresa; Soft, billowy, puffy, white, misty, cloudlike, foliage, orange, shell like, AOL Cottonball. + fair sketch and a good displaced sketch of a ball.