Week 6 results: ARV4fun Challenge


In Week 6, “Horsepicker” Jim took SIXTH place in the @’a (ROI) Contest in the Derby List Triple Crown (DLTC) Contest.  He used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) to select Vow to Wager, the 28-1 longshot winner of the Feb. 27 Battaglia Memorial Stakes (see his transcript in earlier post).  For this contest, ARV4fun Challenge participants used the same horses as predicted in the DLTC Points Contest, while deciding the amount to bet based on intuition. So for ARV4fun participants, this contest is a combination of applying ARV and personal intuition.

These charts summarize the Week 6 results of the ARV4fun Challenge:  The right side of the charts are various simple statistics:

  • ARV4fun avg – Average of the seven ARV4fun participants
  • DLTC avg – Average of all 118 Derby List Triple Crown contest participants
  • Random points – Number of points expected by making selections at random (Points contest only)

The left side of the Points Contest chart (below) shows the ARV4fun participants’ results, using ARV and no logical handicapping.  Joanie “HotLips” Sullivan continued to lead the ARVers with 24 points, followed by Tom Atwater and  “Horsepicker” Jim with 22 points. 

  DLTC Points Week 6