WWC group hits 3/28 stock option price change

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Viewer EAR3 of the WWC group reported: “I gave my session a CR of 5.0, which is rare for me. I score conservatively. Relevant data included page 1: structure and energy, sure-handed, yellow, white, reddish, drawings of buildings and 2 other drawings; page 2: structure, AOL of bridge and river, drawing of a mound and stick figure; page 3: more buildings, land/water.”

Event: SPY (S&P500) Option Price Change in Last Half Hour of Regular Trading

Date_Time of Event: 20140328_12:30pm PT

Group Prediction: Up (Side2) Line: 0

Group CR Data

DownCR, UpCR

3.5, 3.75

3, 1

0, 2

2, 2

2.5, 5.0