APP conference-workshop-webinar June 19-23

Following is an announcement from Marty, Tom and Chris of the Applied Precognition Project

The Applied Precognition Project (APP) is pleased to announce its first Conference-Workshop-Webinar (CWW), featuring Joe McMoneagle, to be held June 19 – 23, 2013, in Las Vegas. The conference is designed to further APP’s objective of developing new – and supporting existing – precognitive groups through discussions, presentations and applications-oriented workshops.  Save the dates if you are interested in doing/learning precognitive remote viewing or analyzing/judging of viewer transcripts.

Joe will be in Las Vegas starting the afternoon of June 19 sharing his extensive and unique first-hand knowledge concerning both viewing and judging RV predictions.  Participants will do sporting event predictions and receive feedback during several sessions.  There will also be formal presentations which will be shared via a live webinar.

This CWW focuses on applying precognition through a combination of presentations, discussions, and for workshop participants, hands-on predictions and FeedBack associated with three baseball games. Webinar-Only participants will be privy to many of the presentations and all the predictions.

The Analysis/Judging (AJing) of RV transcripts is a critical part of the protocol and different skills are involved in AJing compared to RVing. Therefore, two connected workshops are part of this unique event: one workshop for RVers and one for AJers in separate rooms/suites. Guess what, the RVers provide the transcripts to the AJers

Details with the full 5-Day Agenda, Presenters, and Schedule are here.