Webinar Friday explores Wild Card Preview

The following message is from Chris, Marty and Tom–the Applied Precognition Project:

Greetings all Viewers,

The Applied Precognition Project (APP) has multiple groups exploring and developing different protocols for predicting future sporting and financial outcomes.  One of our members, Nancy Smith, has developed a very creative modification to the 1ARV Protocol.  This is called the “Wild Card Preview.”

The Wild Card Preview (WCP) protocol has been applied 18 times and the results are quite encouraging with a 69% Hit Rate which includes 2 Passes. (Post-wagering analysis shows that WCP actually did 72%.)  Details will be provided at the Learn-By-Doing free webinar for remote viewers.  Join us for a captivating explanation and open discussion of this new and fascinating application.

Schedule for participating Remote Viewers:

Viewers will supply two transcripts by next Thursday morning, March 14, 6:30am PT (9:30am ET, 14:30 UTC)

o   Send Transcripts to chrisgeo29@gmail.com or FAX 1-732-676-7688

o   Transcripts will be Independently Analyzed and Judged

Webinar begins Friday morning, March 15, 10am PT (1pm ET, 18:00 UTC)

o   Learn about 1ARV and the Wild Card Preview Protocol

We will be making a prediction for a sporting event taking place that evening. 

Please email chrisgeo29@gmail.com if you are interested in participating and Chris will send you the two coordinates (TRNs) and the webinar meeting ID.