Atwater, Rosenblatt host June 12-15 workshop

Remote Viewers with any form of  training are invited to join Skip Atwater and Marty Rosenblatt at the following Pre-IRVA workshop:

Applied Precognition: June 12 (Tuesday, 3 p.m.) to June 15 (Friday, 11 a.m.)

This workshop is focused on applying your natural ability to gather information from your future.  The Group 1ARV Protocol is the latest advance in applying Remote Viewing (RV) skills to predict Future Outcomes. Workshop participants will predict the outcomes of five baseball games and financial market price movements – wagering is optional.

Skip and Marty will be the primary independent Analysts and Judges of the RV transcripts.  Analysis/Judging (AJing) of the transcripts is a critical aspect of the protocol and is done in a novel way with enhanced redundancy.  One of the objectives of this workshop is to teach others how to use RV for precognitive applications with independent groups.  Each participant is encouraged to participate as an AJer, with Skip and Marty, for at least one prediction.

The workshop is limited to 15 viewers in the Tuscany Suite at the Green Valley Ranch Resort/Casino. For more details: