Stargirl has two hits in Saturday races

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T.W. “Stargirl” Fendley used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) to pick winners in two races Saturday, but they were no help in the Derby Wars contest. Since both horses were favorites with low odds, instead she chose horses with lower Targ Confidence Rankings (CRs) for the ARV3 team’s contest picks. After losing $17.20 from those decisions, ARV3 finished the contest with earnings of $20.60 and ranked 70th of 107.  Three of the team’s contest picks were place winners — two by Stargirl and one by Loraine Connon. Loraine’s top CRs in that race won and placed, but in reverse order from her prediction. While it’s not technically an ARV hit, kudos to Loraine for good viewing!

In the NHC Tour’s Free Online Challenge, Tom Atwater made a last-minute switch to a horse with a lower CR in one race with good results, but opposite results in another race. His top-rated horse (Targ CR 4) easily won the contest’s ninth race, but a longshot finished second and had the higher win/place price. Since our intent for contest races is to predict the horse with the highest win/place total, it didn’t count as an ARV hit.