NHC1 Contest – Summary

Tom’s final total was $38.60, good for 246th place out of 825, or top 30%; Marty had $6.80, finishing in 622nd place, top 75% (100 entries finished with $0).
The top 3 finishers had $135,80, $127.80, and $125.00, so we were not close to qualifying for the year-end tournament, nor did we get any points in the year-long contest, since we finished out of the top 10%.

We ARVed one winner (congrats again Mic!) on top out of 10 races.
Marty’s ticket of all ARV predictions had 1 winner and 3 thirds.
My ticket had no winners, 2 longshot 2nds, and 2 thirds.

I am tremendously encouraged by our results.
The fact that we predicted so many longshots, most of which were in contention, and a couple of which narrowly missed winning their races, is a tremendously positive sign that we are on the right track to winning one of these contests.
A few decisions or race events that went the other way, and we could easily have WON this contest!

As I said above, the key to winning in both contests and with real money, is to over time predict horses whose odds are higher than their corresponding probabilities predict – such horses, called “overlays”, are essential to enabling a positive expectation for this game.

And we have definitely done that in this contest. Our horses for the most part did outperform their odds.
We are truly on the right track!

I am looking forward to a much better result the next time around!