NHC3/BCBC1 Contest: Final Words

Here are some of the remarkable things that happened in this contest:

  • Tom’s login finished 4th of 860 people in the NHC contest – he got 1,400 NHC Tour Points. Tom currently stands 25th on the NHC Tour Leaderboard – and is very much in the hunt for the annual championship, with its $2 million bonus for winning the NHC finals in January.
  • TW Fendley finished only $28 and Marty only $40 short of qualifying for the NHC finals – in other words, one more solid longshot or 2 middle-priced horses away.
  • We scored contest points in all but 5 of the 14 races.
  • Our percentage of wins for the day ranged from 27% to 36% for both Contest Winning Outcome and Race Winner, depending on judge – FAR, FAR above the expected random 10% win percentage!
  • The return-on-investment (ROI) on win bets on the top Targ CR horse ranged from +2.80 to +3.42 depending on judge – meaning one would have QUADRUPLED one’s investment betting these to win. Put another way, $100 win bets on each top Targ CR horse in the 14 races would have produced around $4,000 PROFIT! This is also far above the expected random result of 18% loss.
  • If there were no odds cap – if the max win price was not 20-1 and place price 10-1 in the contest – we would have doubled our last race contest points – and TW and maybe Marty would have qualified for the NHC (depending on how many others would have also benefited).
  • Tom’s intent in these contests is always to pick the 3 longest shots of the day – he qualified for the NHC in April by doing this. In NHC3, he did predict 2 of the longest 3 shots, with the 6th longest shot not far behind the 3rd.

So, these contests were a wonderful fun experience, and produced valuable lessons learned in our quest to win handicapping championships and contests.

One final word from me: I am going to set my intent strong and clear for every contest I participate in from now on, and do the preparation like I did for this one, shifting my vibration to allow fun and exciting winning experiences. I know that is the key.