NHC3BCBC1 Contest: NHC Race 10

Del Mar Race 7

This was the last race in the contest.

Joanie Sullivan ARVed and self-judged, and she (Targ CR 6), Tom (5) and Marty all agreed on the photosite associated with #10 Premier Pegasus.
#10 was the longest shot in the field, so there was no question about betting a higher odds horse this time 😉

In this race for young 2 year old non-winners race, #10, who was making his first start, broke well, settled behind the two leaders, came around to nearing the FRONT entering the stretch, got the LEAD AT THE EIGHTH POLE, began weaving on the track!, but INCHED AWAY TO WIN BY A BIG LENGTH!!!!!!!


My SCREAMING roused not only my daughter but even my nearly deaf dog to see if the world was coming to an end!


Due to the odds cap in the contest, we got points at 20-1 to win, and 10-1 to place — $64.00 WORTH!

TW Fendley independently ARVed the same horse – so her ticket got the $64 too!

To top it ALL off, at the very last second, as the horses were loading into the gate (a very slight delay added about 30 seconds to this), Tom remenbered that he wanted to bet cash money – and he did just get 1 $5 win/place bet in, only his 2nd bet of the day (there wasn’t *time* for any others 😉
He wound up winning $300!

The 44-1 price is the longest priced winner EVER in PRECOG10 Horse Racing ARV history – in the 15 months since we started, no horse has paid more to win!


OMG, I just realized – the horse’s NAME – Premier PEGASUS – the same name as our Google Group for handicapping contests!
Too Much!

Joanie Sullivan's Winning Transcript - 1 of 2

Land; rocky; craggy; sweeping; majestic; panoramic; mountainous; black; sharp; hard; peaked; rolling; vast; big; airy; lots of space
1st flash of descriptors was for red manmade clothlike

Contest Winning Photosie and Race Winner #10 Premier Pegasus
Joanie Sullivan's Winning Transcript - 2 of 2

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  1. Thanks for all your wonderful reports Tom. Congrats also to TW Fendley for her win on this race! The world really IS a place full of magic and mystery. May we keep on riding Pegasus ~ free with the wind ~~~

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