Stadiums Galore Group: ARV + logical picks

Below is an overview of Alexis Poquiz’ summary judging work on Stadium4, correctly predicting St. Louis Cardinals to win over the New York Mets on May 14. For the first time in this group, remote viewers did self-judging. Two previous hits in the series were based on independent judging.

The Stadiums Galore group uses five possible targets associated with a handicapper’s picks for five different games (on one day) The targets are the venues where the five matches take place. Viewers are front-loaded by knowing the outcome will be a stadium; the handicapper’s picks/stadium photosites are shared after viewing is completed. The group’s goals include maximizing profits in sports wagering by using precognition.

 Alexis chose the group pick based on the following protocol:

ALEXIS’ judging:Stadium4 analysis

If I went with only the MOST VOTES… we would have MISS

If I had simply tallied everyone’s 1st and 2nd place outcomes

I would have called TARGET FIELD STADIUM…(which would have been a miss) 

Because all these stadiums received a last place pick…

  • I eliminated Staples Center Stadium (would have been a hit)
  • I eliminated Yankee Stadium (would have been a miss)
  • I eliminated Target Field Stadium (would have been a miss)

This left only Oriole & Busch, which Dung Beetle gave both of them CR 3.5

  • Oriole Park (would have been a miss)
  • Busch Stadium (would have been a hit)

If I went with only this ELIMINATION STRATEGY… we would have PASSED… at best 50/50

By combining both strategies… ELIMINATION + MOST SELF-JUDGING VOTES…

“WE” as a group… came to a successful conclusion… (without having to meticulously score every session)

Perhaps we just got lucky though. lol.

Photosite1 0514-6369
Photosite1 0514-6369
Photosite2 0514-6369
Photosite2 0514-6369


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