Submit transcripts today, join free Friday webinar

Following is a message from Marty Rosenblatt about a free webinar on Friday, Feb. 10:

I would like to invite you to a $free webinar that is just for remote viewers interested in learning-by-doing the Group 1ARV protocol where: “Your Personal Journey is Fundamental”

The requirement for entry is for you to submit two RV transcripts with the following Tasking via email or FAX to: or 818-337-2020 FAX **** No later than 7am PT (10am ET) on Friday ****

  • Task 1:  Describe/Sketch my FeedBack PhotoSite for 277355
  • Task 2:  Describe/Sketch my FeedBack PhotoSite for 151001

During the webinar:

  • We will make a prediction, based on your transcripts
  • You will receive your FeedBack for both RV Sessions
  • You will be guided through 2 FeedBack Sessions
  • We will discuss the results to date: currently 71% Hit Rate with 31 Trials

Catherine Kendig and I will do the Analysis/Judging of the transcripts leading to a specific Group Prediction.  The Webinar will be this Friday, February 10:

Starting: 10am PT (1pm ET)

Ending:   2pm PT (5pm ET)

Once we receive your transcripts, we will send the simple Webinar Logon Instructions to you. We hope you will join us for the fun and discussions,

 Marty and Catherine