Verve 36–another hit!

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Following information provided by independent judge Pat McDonald:

Cue: “If the total points scored at the National Basketball Association game played at Dallas Mavericks against visiting Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday December 14th 2013 local time, exceeds and is over the mid-point line solicited by for wagers immediately prior to the game then perceive, describe and sketch the picture Underwater-Bear.jpg at the time that picture was captured, which will be solely attached to feedback email sent to you on Sunday December 15th 2013 if the total points scored at that NBA game played at Dallas Mavericks on Saturday December 14th 2013 local time, is over and exceeds the mid-point line.”

Game finished 199 total points scored. Line at was 197 points. Prediction was for 198 points or more total scored.

Individual hits by viewer–

  • Glyn – Solid, Liquid, Water, blue-green, foamy, object, splash.
  • Loraine – Solid, cold, damp, Dark, Blue, Black, Large, Bright Above, Dark Below, tall, Strong, bulky, movement horizontal, movement, vertical, scary. Dwet everywhere. The “wet everywhere” bit was a puzzler. But with that much good data, not much of one.
  • EAR3 – Solid, under, serrated edge? DBlue. Polar bears don’t have serrated edges BUT their teeth are notoriously good at slicing. Also a displaced blue… aversion to bears perhaps? That’s understandable.
  • Sonny – Light, hands. OK, bears have paws, but they do look like hands in this particular picture.
  • Teresa – White, lights, glowing, silver, shiny, furry.

Some particularly interesting sketches this time. A sort of blurry bear shape from Jon and something like a pawprint from Glyn… which is the second time she’s sent me a footprint. Seems something you’re good at, Glyn. EAR3’s sketch of a round biological with point edges was similar to the concept, and Loraine’s cliff edge sketch was also similar to the underlying theme. Teresa got some displacement from the Under IPS – which helped point out the Under as non-actualizing.

Confidence ranks were 3.2 for the Under, 6.1 for the Over. In terms of data matches and sketches, the Over had more in terms of quantity and quality (SSS are best-quality matches).

Verve 36               Over 408213                         Under   901738

ssS                                             7                                                  7

sSS                                     2D17                                             5D9

SSS                                         11                                               D5

Displaced (Bleedthrough)     2                                                  6

Bleedthrough is also higher on the Under result. Non-actualizing tags have shown higher bleedthrough on previous trials.